Grai Matters: A Fresh Look for the New Season

Grai Matters: A Fresh Look for the New Season

Well, it's officially Spring! At least, I think it is, my wife likes to point out how I systematically mix up March and May so there's a distinct possibility this is still Winter. In any case, hopefully Spr-inter is treating you well, wherever you happen to be.

🌺🌿 New Season, New Look

It's been a long time coming but the wait is over. Our rebranded website is live! We put a lot of effort into getting this next iteration of our look right. Many of these improved design elements will be rolling out into the web app in the next couple of weeks. You'll start to see those changes going live automatically if you're using the cloud but if you're self-hosting make sure to stay up to date with the most recent docker images!

πŸ“ Upgraded Docs

Our new look has also come to the docs site at But this is more than surface level changes. We've substantially expanded their level of detail so it's easier than ever to get started using Grai.

πŸ†•πŸš€ Odds and Ends

  • Alerting: so no one is surprised when a schema change might break a pipeline
  • Tagging: Flexible tagging for your metadata. Whether it's identifying sensitive data, marketing data, or just your favorite data. The tagging system has you covered.
  • Redshift: The Redshift integration is finally live. We love our AWS peeps as well.
  • Client library performance improvements. It's now fully asynchronous meaning you get all that juicy parallelization goodness.
  • Added support for DBT Snapshots. Shout out to Jessica in Slack who needed this :).

As always, y'all are the people who make this happen. Thanks for staying around with us.


Ian & Edward