Grai Matters: The Barbenheimer Special

Grai Matters: The Barbenheimer Special

Anybody see the Barbenheimer special this month? /r/dataengineering sure did.
and with that in mind...

Metabase is live

HUGE shout-out to our friends at Invisible Technologies, who PRed this amazing integration. With it, you can now extract metadata for both Metabase Questions and Collections - all integrated directly into the rest of your lineage.

With it, all sorts of new functionality is live.

  • Easily query for warehouse tables no longer being used by BI. Stop recreating those deprecated warehouse tables *slaps hand*.
  • Protect your dashboards from upstream changes, like renamed columns, with Grai's CI integrations.

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes. If you need any help configuring the CI integrations, hit us up on slack or send me an email -

Source Refactor


Alright, you're on this newsletter email list so the answer is probably yes, but constructing them for your lineage isn't usually as fun.

To date, every node and edge in Grai is identified by a unique name and namespace tuple. That namespace, in particular can be a source of friction because users have to know which namespace to apply when adding new integrations.

Last month's source refactor was the first step in changing that.

If you haven't seen it already, there was a major change to the definition spec for Nodes and Edges, allowing you to customize metadata tracking unique to each source in your stack. Ultimately this will allow us to automatically associate nodes from different sources together without any work from you. 😊

Demo Environments

Demo environments are easier than ever. Get started using the CLI with a single command and follow along with a new onboarding tutorial.

Odds n' Ends

  • Added support for dbt manifest v9's.
  • Expanded filter capabilities.

That's it for us folks, see ya' on slack.

~ Ian & Edward